Friday, November 7, 2008

Maintence Spankings on the way

Today I have been able to talk with my HOH. We have not been able to contact due to shcedules and some traveling I had to do. I have missed him very much. He is determined I will recieve the discipline and maintence I need and deserve. I understand and will submit as he wishes. Monday through friday he is going to get up at 5:30am his time. At which time he will give me a maintence spanking. I cringe knowing my bottom will be ablaze each and everyday and will be burning and stinging as I sit in m office. But delight knowing he is in control of me. I know I hae a punishment coming for I tend to get over zealous in typing and have forgotten to capitalize S in Sir twice to night if not more other times. I dread and anticipates my Mans attention knowing it is deserved and I will be a better person for it. I have been told I must blog after each spanking. So will add more Monday morning.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Domestic Discipline "asking"

I have always had a craving fo this kind of relationship and my HOH is teaching me as I go and I am learning so much I did not realize. Tonight I read about asking
for a Spanking rather than waiting for HOH to realize if I have misbehaved and to
ask for the spanking to be more if it has not rendered me sorry or free of my negative feelings. I also learned today that it was acceptable to ask the HOH for
a spanking to relieve stress. Because the stress a woman feels affects the whole family.

I thank my HOH for teaching me so many aspects of this wonderful way of living. I was given a maintence spanking 2 days ago. It was very intense and I have no problem
remembering to behave and to obey. My bottom was quite tender for the next day for sure. I thank my HOH for he knows what is best for me.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Submission Spanking

I am continuing my reading as my HOH has instructed me to do and this eve the article I read about was submission spanking. This is the first time I had heard of such. I knew there was a Punishment Spanking that would make you not want to repeat your offense . And then there is the Maintence Spanking to maintain your good attitude and the atmosphere most desired. I never had heard of submission spanking. I gather that it is a spanking given at what ever intensity and how often and whenever the HOH feels it is needed for what ever reason. It can be light and quick or intense and long bringing one to tears etc.

In giving my submission to my HOH I will bare my bottom and bend over his knee when ever he requests. He knows best and it is my place to comply.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

my first Maintence spanking

I have read and even blogged here about Maintence spanking not knowing truely what to personally experience. I talked with my HOH today and was told to go to my room. Then was told I would recieve my first maintence spanking . Those are words that makes one gasp esp if you havent experienced before. As I was stripped of my clothing and bent over the bed I felt each sting of the hairbrush on my bottom sending home the message I am owned and my way is not my way anymore it is that of my HOH. I am his to dowith as he pleases but know and trust wit will be for the better good of myself andmore importantly our relatonship and family. As I felt my bottom sting and burn from the 50 strokes I knew it was administered with love and care and concern for my well being. I want to so much please my HOH and will do all that I can. It is very humbling being in control of one but it is very reassuring and actually renders a great freedom .


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Maintence Spanking/ Nudity/Obedience

My HOH gave me these 3 subjects to read on and summarize.

Maintence Spanking: I have only began my journey in DD however from what I read and undrstand that Maintence spanking is a very important part. A woman is designed to be spanked. She learns more when she is emotionally brought to terms with subjects and situations. And it is hard not to find having bottom bare being bent over a Mans lap and spanked not emotional. A Maintence Spanking is the decision of the HOH and the frequency as well it can be daily weekly monthly whatever he sees fit.
It will help maintain the atmosphere and respectful well behaving behavior that is so desired in the woman in the household. she will feel she is very loved and tended to as well.

Nudity: It is important that a woman feels submissive and humility . If she does not then all efforts are futile. Striping a womans pants down or full nudity strips the woman of a defense to hide behind . When stripped of clothing she is made to feel vulnerable and at the mans mercy.

Obedience: Just as Maintence spanking is a foundation to keep things on tract, Obedience by the woman is the heart of it all. She must respect , honor and obey her HOH. There can be no exceptions and if there are then a suitable Punishment must be rendered. There is no room for deliberate disobedience. When she is Obedient and submissive to her HOH everyone is happier and all runs smoothly.

my first Punishment

My HOH asked me to send him a weekly activity report that was quite detailed. I did so and was honest in what I sent. I have a bedtime of 11pm and I missed that bedtime twice this past week. Not intentionally. I would just not realize it was as late as it was. However this is not acceptable and I am very sorry it happened. My punishment was deserved. It was unnerving to be made to strip and go stand in the corner. To stand there not knowing what is about to come but knowing I deserve whatever my HOH feels I need. I felt so very sorry standing there wishing I could turn back time. after 5 min in the corner I was ordered to bend over the bed where I recieved 50 smacks on my bare bottom with the hairbrush. Then my HOH chose to talk with me a bit to explain more of his expectations etc. Then back over the bed for 50 more. My bottom very red and very sore. I was sent to the corner for another 5 min. As I stood there nose to wall bottom bare and red and still stinging I knew the true punishment was having let my HOH down and not respecting his rules as I should have. It hurts to disappoint him hurts to the very center of my being. after corner time I was bent back over the bed for 30 more on a very sore bottom. I will not forget my bedtime for sure in the future. Thank you Sir for correcting me
I know I will be better for it.


The Beginning

I have searched for a long time for someone not just anyone but the ONE. That could measure up and truly be the HOH in my life in all ways. I a happy to say I have found the one I sought. It has been a short time that we have known each other however we connect in such a comfortable and exciting way. My desires that were already present to serve and make one happy have increased by leaps and bounds. I enjoy knowing I have someone of such strength to protect me and guide me. I would not submit to just anyone And I know I have found not just anyone. But instead a very special Man. I sm sure I will have much to learn and he will guide me with strictness and tenderness and patience. I will be posting here often regarding articles I read and regarding any and all punishments I may recieve. I belong to a wonderful HOH and will enjoy this journey with him.