Friday, November 7, 2008

Maintence Spankings on the way

Today I have been able to talk with my HOH. We have not been able to contact due to shcedules and some traveling I had to do. I have missed him very much. He is determined I will recieve the discipline and maintence I need and deserve. I understand and will submit as he wishes. Monday through friday he is going to get up at 5:30am his time. At which time he will give me a maintence spanking. I cringe knowing my bottom will be ablaze each and everyday and will be burning and stinging as I sit in m office. But delight knowing he is in control of me. I know I hae a punishment coming for I tend to get over zealous in typing and have forgotten to capitalize S in Sir twice to night if not more other times. I dread and anticipates my Mans attention knowing it is deserved and I will be a better person for it. I have been told I must blog after each spanking. So will add more Monday morning.


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Florida Dom said...

Bonnie linked to you and asked that some of her readers leave a comment because new bloggers are starved for them. So here's the first one and good luck on your maintenance spanking.